The Vaccine Specialists – More Than Just Travel

While travel medicine is our specialty, we also respond to our community's need for specialty vaccines that are not necessarily related to travel. We offer protective vaccines for a healthy lifestyle including Typhoid, HPV (cervical cancer), Influenza (flu) and Hepatitis A & B among others.

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The Clinic

Born out of a passion for the provision of healthcare and a love of travel and adventure, the International Travel Health & Vaccinations Clinic is backed by 20 years combined experience in vaccination.

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We offer a comprehensive range of vaccines and anti-malarials which we will be happy to provide following a consultation.

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Travel Advice

Many problems which can affect your health when travelling are preventable with proper advice, tailored to your individual trip and based on knowledge and first hand experience.

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Thank you for visiting the international Travel Health & Vaccine Clinic website. More than 100 million international journeys are undertaken every year. Global travel on this scale exposes many people to a range of health risks .Many of these risks can be minimised by precautions taken beofre, during and after travel.

We specialize in travel counsel, and have all our vaccines on-site. We can provide you all that you need on the same day.